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Snorkeling is the best way to experience the beautiful and clear waters of Hawaii. In Waikiki, it’s common to find reef, fish, and turtles. Our snorkel rentals include a mask, snorkel, and set of sized fins.

Snorkels are our only rental item that can be used overnight or for multiple days. Snorkels do not have to be used near or around our beach stand.

All snorkels are sanitized and sealed after sanitation.

We have both adult and child snorkel sizes available.

Note: For overnight snorkel rentals, customers are required to leave a safety deposit. The deposit will be returned in full when the equipment is returned within the rental period.

Where to Snorkel In Waikiki

Hawaii has a lot of places to snorkel and two of the best are right in front of our beach stand. To the west there is a shallow broad reef that’s sheltered from the waves breaking on the outside. Fish and octopus are common sightings along the reef.

To the east there is a surf reef that is a common feeding ground for turtles — especially at high tide. Please note, it is a felony to harass any sea turtle.

There are snorkel locations farther out to sea, but you should charter a boat to visit them.