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Hawaii is the origin of surfing – and there’s no better place to learn in the world then the gentle sloping waves of Waikiki.

First time? Consider taking a lesson instead. Surf lesson customers are guaranteed to surf or their money back.

Surfed before? If you feel comfortable paddling, reading waves, catching waves, and avoiding reef – we’re happy to rent you a surfboard on your own.

We have varying surfboard sizes, both shortboards and longboards. Our shortboards range from 5’11” to 7’6”. Our longboards range from 8’ to 11’. See the size selection dropdown for a list of all available sizes.


Our surfboards are only to be used at the following three surf breaks in front of our stand: Populars, Paradise, & Threes. These waves are best ridden on longboards but can be shortboarded on days with large surf.


To see wave conditions or forecasts please visit Surfline:

Populars | Paradise | Threes

Please do not call our stand to ask for wave conditions 😊.

Note: We will not rent surfboards on days with hazardous conditions (either large waves or bad weather).

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1 Day, 1 Hour